Cedevita Candies

These multivitamin candies can be enjoyed in flavours of orange, lemon, berries, apple and pear as well as Cedevita Kids strawberry and Kids orange. In addition to classic cardboard package of Cedevita candies (19,5g and KIDS 18g) there is also an XXL package, a plastic 58,5g bottle with orange flavoured candies or mix which contains assortment of orange, lemon and berry flavoured candies.

Cedevita Kids PUC PUC

Vito the Lion presents a new surprise for kids – Cedevita Kids Puc Puc popping powder. This candy in powder form that pops in your mouth will delight young fans of Cedevita candies and fun experiences. Like all Cedevita candies, Cedevita Kids Puc Puc popping powder contains 9 vitamins making it a healthier choice compared to other similar products. It comes in strawberry and wild berry flavours, and one package contains 15% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins.


Candies with addition of supreme quality vitamin C and long tradition. These famous candies with pineapple aroma are available in 28g package and XXL package of 61,5g. Traditional Rondo C candy in 28g package has been present on the market for over 35 years and it’s the bestselling small candy on the Croatian market.


Candies with addition of vitamin C, enriched with aroma of lemon, orange, pineapple and cherry, that are primarily intended for children. Shaped in the form of little dogs and packed in corresponding box that imitates doggy house, Vau Vau candies will delight every playful child. Vau Vau candies are present on the market for over 34 years.