Asepsoleta antiseptic tissues are used to disinfect hands and the surfaces of objects while simultaneously removing impurities. Because they contain alcohol, they have a refreshing and tonifying effect on the skin. The practical packaging allows a broad range of use - during travels, in school, at work or in the car. Asepsoleta refreshing tissues provide protection from bacteria on any occasion.

Together with Asepsoleta antiseptic tissues, that are recognized for its individually packaged disinfectant wipes, in the Asepsoleta assortment  there are also antiseptiuc wet wipes Asepsoleta Fresh and Asepsoleta Sensitive in the economical packaging with 20 wet wipes. The main characteristics of Asepsoleta are the disinfectant action and preserved freshness until the moment of use. Both types have a practical cover that prevents the wipes from drying out. The products have been dermatologically tested and are pH neutral for the skin.