Melem is the original Croatian cream which by daily use hydrates and nourishes your skin and makes it resistant to external influences. It can be used on the skin and mucous membranes, regardless of the age because it contains no preservatives, silicones, and corticosteroids. Melem helps regardless of whether it is a temporary discomfort or a lasting, chronic problem. It is suitable for daily use and protection of sensitive skin. Melem is a perfect moisturizer for your entire body and your most loyal guardian of the skin at all times, and you can choose between several practical packaging: Melem 35ml, Melem 10ml, Melem in a tube and in stick.


  • Melem is applied in very small quantities and a very thin layer. It is sufficient to take the quantity in the grain of rice size. One gram of Melem can be spread five times on a palm-sized skin surface which makes it the most cost-effective skin protection on the market.
  • Melem does not contain any preservatives, silicones, antibiotics or corticosteroids. The main active ingredients in Melem have a long tradition of therapeutic use, especially in the so called home medicine – it is known that bee wax has been used in medicine over 2,200 years ago. Medicinal properties of castor oil have been known even to ancient Egyptians over 3,500 years ago, and lanoline has been used for protection from the cold even in prehistoric times.
  • Melem climbed the world’s highest mountains since it was carried in their backpacks by some of the most renowned Croatian and foreign alpinists. For instance, Stipe Božić used Melem when conquering the second highest mountain in the world K-2 in 1993.
  • It is seldom known that top Croatian stylists and models often use Melem for removing makeup as well as for hair styling.
  • The name Melem can be read both from the left and right side and its design is derived from Croatian Glagolitic letters.