Multivita presents a range of products for daily refreshment enriched with vitamins and minerals. Multivita diet supplements come in various variants suitable for everyone's needs and lifestyle.
For many years, Multivita products have been combining the quality of food supplements with refreshing fruit flavors. Food supplements for energy and immunity, as well as for healthy muscles, nervous system, bones and teeth help to upgrade the daily dose of necessary vitamins and minerals that people, due to their busy lifestyle, often fail to compensate through their diet. The products are practical at any moment, and in 2018 they got a new, modern look as well as some of the new product forms. In addition to effervescent tablets for a refreshing drink, Multivita products also come in the form of granules for direct oral consumation.

Effervescent tablets

  • Multivita Plus (orange, lemon, grapefruit)
  • Calcium Plus
  • Magnesium
  • Energy UP

Paleta proizvoda u obliku granula

  • Magnesium Direct 
  • Vitamin C + Zinc Direct 
  • Energy UP Direct