Plidenta is the bestselling toothpaste on the Croatian market and one of the regional leaders. These products developed in our own laboratories represent the result of knowledge, experience and innovation, contemporary technological trends and high quality raw materials. In the broad range of products, Plidenta offers toothpastes adapted to various needs, always ensuring the top quality demanded by the consumers.

Plidenta HealthCare

Special medical toothpastes Plidenta HealthCare are an assortment of five toothpastes that working against the most common conditions and issues connected to teeth and gums; caries (15sekundi), gingivitis (TotalMed), periodontitis (Paradont), hypersensitive teeth (Sensitive) and bad breath (FreshMed). The new product line includes a whole range of clinically proven ingredients with pharmacutical quality for oral hygiene used for therapeutic purposes; from natural extracts and probiotic bacteria to special cooling agents and PVM/MA copolymer.