Due to everyday shaving, men’s skin is in need of added care and protection.  The Ralon product line is intended for the care and protection of skin, both during and after shaving.  Ralon Original is one of the bestselling aftershave lotions – a classic male brand, with a strong, recognizable scent, whose products make shaving a pleasant ritual for thousands of men.  It works as a disinfectant, astringent, and humectant, all of which are very beneficial for dry and irritated skin following shaving. 


The original Ralon contains the classic scent of Smoky Leather – the oldest and most well-known perfume smell, at large.  Its distinctly male scent of smoky leather, with a note of cinnamon, and floral nuances of rose, jasmine, lilac and palisander wood, topped with a dominant tone of thyme, puts the legendary scent of Ralon Original in line with many other classic perfumes of similar fragrance.  For a truly refreshing and clean feeling after shaving, and a modern-day male scent, Ralon Sport aftershave lotion is a cosmetic product intended for the care of men of all ages. 


Ralon Sport is a part of the Black & Red Line, with its recognizable sporty design, for every man with an adrenaline rush.  It retains its legendary Eternity scent from the Fougère Fresh fragrance family, the presence of which has a pronounced effect on the skin, leaving it with a clean, cool and refreshing feeling.  The distinctly male, desirable, and timeless scent of Ralon Sport surprises with its intense smell of fresh-cut grass, due to the presence of coumarone, along with notes of lavender, sandalwood, and musk.  It is further permeated with fruity-green nuances of bitter orange, typical for this group of fragrances, and akin to other classic products with similar features.


Ralon Shaving Cream contains a mixture of peppermint extract, cedar and witch-hazel.  It acts as an astringent due to its high content of tannin, thus minimizing pores, leaving skin supple and toned.  The Black Dragon Scent has the following qualities: fresh, floral, cosmetic, spicy and woody.