Sumifen is a gentle therapeutic shampoo made to remove head and body lice. It is pH neutral, and gentle on hair and the scalp. The shampoo contains d-phenothrin, an active substance that quickly, simply, and effectively destroys lice and nits. It can be used for children of all ages because of its gentle effect and mild and pleasant scent. Sumifen has a gentle and effective formula that acts on lice and nits. With each product, the consumer gets detailed instructions on how to fight this parasite, as well as a comb that enables the reliable solution of this problem. The 150 ml package enables an entire family to solve the problem at once by buying only one package.

Green Sumifen

Green Sumifen is the first all-natural shampoo for lice and nits that also acts preventively. The power of natural ingredients in new Sumifen provides complete and efficient solution for treating and protection against lice and nits. It doesn’t contain pesticides, but 100% natural active ingredients. South American plant Quassia amara has exceptional repellent properties and it eliminates lice while apricot, apple and peach extract in combination with vinegar prevent adhesion of nits, destroy larva’s shielding and moisturises the hair.

Each package of Sumifen comes with comb to help comb out the lice and nits.