Argeta is produced by the same recipe for more than 50 years, and it all began with the production of fish pâté. Its chicken pâté, which was given the name "Argeta" a few years later, began its unprecedented conquest of the world's markets in 1963. Today, Argeta is the world’s largest producer of pâté that annually produces 110 million cans of pâté, which are sold in nearly 30 countries worldwide. The best indication of Argeta’s superior quality and its worldwide popularity is the fact that every second 4 cans of Argeta savoury spread are opened around the world.


The first major breakthrough for Argeta took place in the late eighties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo mainly because of the fact that it didn’t contain pork but also because of the local population trust in quality of Slovenian production. Since 2000. Argeta started developing new flavours and modernizing packaging and in 2005. Argeta range of pâtés was extended with fish tastes, first tuna pate that was followed by salmon. With these new product introductions, Argeta became a pioneer of fish pâté segment in many of its markets. Wide range of Argeta spreads, tailored to meet the demands of its consumers, includes both meat and fish pâtés. Offering consumers, what they want, is in the core of Argeta’s development, that’s why recently new fish pate Sardina Adriatica was introduced in Slovenia and Croatia.


Argeta Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver and Chicken Picante pâtés as well as Tuna and Salomon pâtés are best sellers, that make Argeta leading brand in Slovenia, B&H, Macedonia and Kosovo, and strong number two brand in terms of market share in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Switzerland. Argeta’s regional success has expanded to Europe, as this year it has become market leader in Austria. Also Sweden, Germany and Russia are markets where Argeta records excellent Sales and consumer acceptance. Other markets on which Argeta is present are: Italy, Bulgaria, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, UK, Australia and Canada.


Argeta pâtés have been known throughout the years for their supreme quality and excellent taste. They are produced using latest technology from carefully selected ingredients; fresh spices and best cuts of meat and fish purchased exclusively for Argeta pate production. As such, they are rich source of high quality proteins and minerals making them a food with exceptional nutritional value. Argeta is produced in accordance with international hygiene standards and HACCP system, which ensures highest quality standard and safe food production. One of Argeta’s main advantages is that it doesn’t contain preservatives and is gluten free. With the perfect level of sterilisation, product durability is ensured. Argeta pâtés are ideal for healthy and tasty breakfast, afternoon snack and light meal on picnics and travels.