Štark biscuits

Within Štark brand, there is a rich offer of biscuits that has existed for five decades and is continuously growing and improving, with technological process of production that carefully preserves nutrient ingredients.  From the well-known purple Napolitanke that gained new flavours, traditional tea biscuits, there are also new members, for the youngest – Štarkiši, and Integrino for busy people always on the move.

Štark biscuits, with special recipe and technological process that preserve all of its nutrient ingredients of natural raw materials, offer wide range of irresistible flavors. We have made Štark biscuits according to our grandmother’s recipe with coconut, chocolate or nuts, the unforgettable “piškote”, “petit beurre” and cookies for the ones who prefer nice tea biscuits with full flavor. At the end, there are as well tea biscuits and chocó biscuits presenting irresistible combination of light pastry and chocolate.