Responsibility towards community

As a part of a broader community in which it functions, Atlantic Grupa is aware of the importance and need for making its own impact on improving general social conditions, promoting the right values and, ultimately, the need to invest a part of its own profits back into the community. In addition to its wide range of charitable projects, Atlantic Grupa is also a major sponsor focused primarily on the promotion of sports where most funds and involvement are dedicated to supporting projects such as the basketball club Cedevita. Atlantic Grupa is also an active participant and organiser of a number of humanitarian actions and it systematically supports a whole series of organisations and associations involved in protecting and helping vulnerable social
groups. (the list that follows is just a selection from the extensive Atlantic social responsibility in 2014)


  • BC Cedevita
  • Planica SKI JUMP
  • Giro d'Italia
  • Slovenian Ski Federation
  • Basket tour (street basket)
  • Belgrade Kids Marathon
  • Mario Todorović (swimming)


The basketball club Cedevita continues to be the forebearer of Atlantic’s sponsorships. Atlantic Grupa is actively involved in the promotion of basketball as a sport of national importance by attracting increasingly better players and trainers as well as in the promotion of the brand Cedevita, to which the club was renamed. What is particularly important and upon which the success of this project lies is Atlantic Grupa’s dedicated support in financing, organising, and managing the club’s Basketball Academy with over 400 children. The Club and the Academy actively work in 11 basketball schools in Zagreb’s elementary schools where training is now provided for approximately 200 children, thus ensuring both the future of this sport and the option of a healthy and useful free time activity. Owing to Atlantic Grupa’s sponsorship, as well as the efforts put in getting additional sponsors for the BC Cedevita, the club is now one of the most promising teams in Croatia
and regional leagues.

The company’s involvement in encouraging the audience to support the players with the aim of achieving the best possible sport results resulted in the media’s increased interest for basketball events, thus giving significant contribution to popularising this sport in the wider public. In that sense, in addition to its support of the Croatian Basketball Federation, Atlantic also sponsors the Croatian Women’s Regional Basketball League in which the brand Multipower provides an additional impulse to its strengthening and recognisability.

MULTIPOWER (skiing, cycling, bodybuilding, extreme sports)

Atlantic Grupa understands socially responsible action as a principle it applies in all the countries in which it is present with its business entities. To that end, Atlantic is a major sponsor through its sports food brand Multipower. In 2014, Multipower, in addition to its long-standing support to basketball, also sponsored sports such as cycling, bodybuilding, triathlon, iron man competitions, rugby, running, as well as some extreme sports such as parkour, mountain running and kitesurfing. Since 2014 Multipower sponsors the Slovenian Biathlon team, and its member Teja Gregorin won the bronze medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in Women’s 10km Pursuit, which is also the first Olympic medal for Multipower. Additionally, Multipower achieved strong presence by sponsoring the race Giro d’Italia.

Other sports: ski jumping, marathon, handball

With its brands Cockta, Cedevita, Argeta, Multipower, Smoki and Barcaffé, Atlantic Grupa has already for many years supported the ski jumping competition in Planica. Last year Cockta celebrated its 60th anniversary in Planica, and this year the traditional sponsorship was continued.

Additionally, Atlantic Grupa also supports the Slovenian Ski Federation - Alpine and Nordic skiing national team, in which Tina Maze and Peter Prevc were voted as the best athletes in Slovenia in 2013, while both achieved excellent results at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi where Tina Maze won two Olympic gold medals.

With the brand Smoki, Atlantic Grupa again sponsored the 20th Children’s Marathon in Belgrade, wishing to promote sports and healthy lifestyle.


  • Sarajevo film festival (SFF)
  • Špancirfest in Varaždin
  • Slovenian advertising festival (SOF)
  • MSU Summer Fest (Cockta)
  • CMC Vodice - Croatian Music Festival
  • Croatian Sports Confrence (SPORTO)
  • Tourism and Gastro Fair in Bijeljina (Grand instant)
  • Coffee fest in Beogradu, Coffee&Chocolate fest in Zagrebu
  • Movie "Atomski s desna" and regional premiere

Atlantic Grupa has again in 2014 supported the 20th Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) as a central cultural manifestation in the region, once more not only as a Festival sponsor, but also as the main partner of the special festival project Sarajevo grad filma (“Sarajevo Film City”). It is a project that gives an opportunity to young film professionals from the widely interpreted region to work in professional conditions. On one hand, the project is concerned with the future of young professionals, on the other, the future of the regional film industry and, finally, the future of the festival.

In June, Cedevita’s plant was visited by around forty students of the Master’s degree programme “International management”, University of Klagenfurt. The reason for their stay in Zagreb was to visit the Faculty of Economics and Business and their colleagues. Their wish was to visit one of the most developed Croatian food companies and Atlantic Grupa was a logical choice, giving its contribution to wider cooperation with the  cademic and student community.


  • Rehabilitation Centre Zagreb - Paunovac
  • Centre for Education Dubrava
  • Slovenian Food Bank
  • Red Cross
  • Forum for Sustainable Communities
  • Institute of Economic Sciences (Serbia)
  • All for Her

Atlantic Grupa continued its cooperation with the Centre for Education Dubrava in 2014. This year Atlantic welcomed young entrepreneurs from the Centre at its Cedevita production plant, introducing them to its business processes. This year, the Rehabilitation Centre Zagreb’s branch Paunovac received funds for reconstruction of the tennis court.

In the course of 2014, Atlantic Grupa supported the Institute of Economic Sciences in organising the fourth agricultural forum “Food for Europe”, organised as part of the Strategy for Agricultural and Rural Development of the Republic of Serbia 2014 - 2024. The association “Centre for Youth Integration” better known as the “Drop-in Centre” received a donation in support of providing services within the programme “For a Sustainable Drop-in Centre”. Atlantic also supported the “Forum for Sustainable Communities” dealing with the subjects of corporate philanthropy, intersectoral collaboration, civil society sustainability and the role of the business sector, donors and f undations in the development of local communities.

With its brands Dietpharm and Farmacia, Atlantic Grupa helped in raising funds for establishing the Centre for psychological assistance to women with cancer diseases. Since 2008, the Association of Women with Cancer Diseases “All for Her” provides information, psychological and organisational support to afflicted women as well as their family and friends.

With the brand Argeta Junior and the project “Mali dar za važnu stvar!” (Small offering for an important thing!), Atlantic Grupa donated equipment for two kindergartens in flood-stricken areas - “Majka Jugović” in Doboj and “Dječji vrtić” in Maglaj. The Croatian Association of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Patients is implementing the project “Plastic Bottle Caps for Expensive Medicines” aimed at collecting and recycling plastic bottle caps, whereas the funds raised in this way will be used to co-finance expensive medicines for the treatment of the Association’s members. The Atlantic’s Follow Me Team supported this project in Atlantic’s locations in Zagreb and other cities and invited all colleagues to participate in this humanitarian and environmental initiative.


This already traditional annual gathering of Atlantic Grupa members brought together a record 1,206 Atlantic employees who year after year with their positive energy, unity, humanitarian support and harmony, leave a positive trace in their environment through activities that they nominate themselves. This year Atlantic members could be seen in 10 countries and 24 cities where they, through more than 70 activities, creatively, responsibly and passionately assisted their local communities and each other through improving their work spaces, gardening, cleaning the environment, painting and maintenance of public homes, shelters and schools; and by donating blood. Some employees visited former colleagues in retirement homes, others displayed their culinary talents by cooking for the homeless, while a number of Atlantic employees spent the day at a seminar with fellow colleagues from production, where they were shown, first-hand, how our products are developed, packaged and distributed.



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