Responsibility towards employees

Atlantic Grupa is a multinational company with companies and representative offices in 11 countries, where special attention is paid to building unique, naturally different, corporate culture that respects diversity and fosters cooperation and synergies between the different segments of production, innovations, marketing and sales.

Smoother enrollment helps in establishing and maintaining an engaged and motivated workforce to support our company's mission. Atlantic Grupa set up a process that welcomes new employees in a way that makes them feel valued as a part of the organization as soon as they join.


Induction to the company is an ongoing learning process required for effective performance and our one-day orientation program is an integral part of it. StartA serves as a practical guide to what needs to be known about our business and the way we work. New employees are given an overview of the organizational structure, strategy and policies which includes a presentation on the company's history, brands and markets. More importantly, they are also given an introduction to our corporate culture, shared values, philosophy, norms and our traditions. On the very practical side they get basic information about benefits and perks, people and offices that are there to support them, and the ways to get and stay connected, allowing them to quickly get to feel more comfortable in the work environment. Atla Nova helps them become more familiar with their roles, as well as to meet colleagues from their immediate area and from different functions across the business, which is important for getting settled in. A member of the senior management team and an HRM representative who greet them answer all the typical new hire questions they have about professional life.


We work hard to create opportunities for employees to develop and grow, also we are aware of the fact that the prospect of career development brings the company more quality individuals with much broader knowledge and skills, therefore, the career concept that we developed and promote is the one that most powerfully unites individual and organizational interests and needs.

Our interest is ensuring and enabling our employees the opportunity to receive, refresh and expand their knowledge and skills in compliance with the company’s needs and development. Thus, we pay special attention to the permanent education and improvement of our employees, as we develop and implement specialized programs and training on all employment levels.


Promoting knowledge is important in changing the business environment

Acquisition of new knowledge and skills through the professional and personal development of employees is a prerequisite and a guarantee of business success. We are aware of this fact and that is why we have been encouraging and enabling our employees to attend business schools, specializations, professional conferences and congresses.

The educational content and programs we prepare and offer include seminars and courses realized by our experts for our employees, as well as outside institutions through programs “tailored” to meet our needs.


Main purpose of INNOWAVE  program is the promotion of ideas because each individual employee can contribute towards its growth and development. The INNOWAVE principle enables all employees or group of employees to propose innovations at any moment for every sector.


A prize program Value a colleague was started within the Corporate Culture program, with an aim to promote corporate values and motivating employees to take notice of and reward colleagues whose behavior and work best represent our company values. “Value Ambassadors"  program is intended for all employees at all Atlantic’s companies on all markets, and it is conceived in multiple categories: Atlantic hero, Ray of sunshine, Climb the mountain and Surf the wave.


“What gets measured gets done” is an expression you will often hear when talking about performance management and the simple meaning behind this statement is the key to our philosophy of rewarding and managing performance. We want all our employees to have clearly defined goals, which they defined themselves with their managers, on the basis of business goals, through three main performance areas – profit, process and people.

The performance management process we utilize is called U3 and it is a dialogue-based objective-setting and performance evaluation system which ensures that the performance expectations from all of us are clear and that the individual development needs are identified and acted upon.


We reward our employees fairly and attractively, in line with the prevailing conditions on the local market. We gather data from the labor market on a regular basis, ensuring that our reward structures remain competitive. Our reward system is well structured and transparent in its application. It:

  • Allocates appropriate people to appropriate job positions
  • Set requirements and standards, outcomes and measures
  • Provides effective orientation, education and training
  • Provides ongoing coaching and feedback
  • Designs a foundation for effective systems that rewards people for their contributions
  • Provides promotional/career development opportunities for employees


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