Responsibility towards environment

Our concern for the environment has expanded from a local approach to the corporate level within a consistent Environmental Management System (EMS) with the main focus on protecting the future. By interconnecting the on-going activities from the three dimensions – environment and energy efficiency, people and society, and governance the Atlantic Group has made a big step toward sustainability.

In 2014 Atlantic Grupa started to actively look across the whole value chain, including supply chain, operations and logistics, development of products, marketing, use of products by consumers, end-use of product and potential disposal. We recognised this approach as a base of the live-cycle thinking. The essential step in this direction was the beginning of recognising and managing the potential environmental impacts of our business beyond the internal boundaries. In the previous years we focused our environmental concern among our external stakeholders and suppliers. In 2014 we transferred it also on our customers and consumers.


The Sustainable Environmental management is based on well considered and economical use of natural sources, using environmental friendly technologies in our production, reduction of waste and lower consumption of energy and water. From that belief, we built a Sustainable Environmental Management based on three main pillars.

Our corporate EMS is designed to ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance. The core elements of this EMS are:

  • Commitment of top management and defined responsibilities
  • Identifying environmental impacts
  • Communicating an environmental policy
  • Setting environmental objectives and programmes/ plans
  • Regular audit and review cycle

With the aim of reducing the impact on the environment and to be sustainable, we have set the following key environmental objectives:

  • Rationalisation of fuels and water consumption
  • Reduction of waste production and increase of separately collected and given waste share
  • Enabling compliance with environmental legislation
  • Creation of environmental-friendly company culture

Environmental management has a long tradition in Atlantic Grupa. Some production facilities have been awarded the ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate more than 10 years ago. In terms of scope, the major milestone of the environmental management system development in 2014 was the implementation of the system to the distribution and to entire Atlantic Grupa.

The focus in 2014 was the implementation of the energy management system. The main goal of the implementation is to identify opportunities to optimise energy consumption, costs and environmental impacts. Waste management and pollution prevention remain our ongoing priority while other important environmental activities were conducted simultaneously on four key fields:

  • the integration of environmental perspective in all areas and functions of business
  • the integration of environmental values into existing projects
  • series of activities to raise employee environmental awareness
  • first sustainability reporting according to GRI principles

For details on these activities, pleas check Atlantic's annual report.


As a company committed to transparency and responsible business operations, in 2007 Atlantic Grupa joined the United Nations Global Compact Initiative. Besides answering to UN Global Compact principles, we used Global Reporting Initiative's indicators to present our activities. This report presents our answer to the interests of our stakeholders in the areas of workplace, environment, health and safety, and the economy.

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As a company that is fully commited to transparency, Atlantic Grupa has addopted the Global Reporting Initiative and with globaly recognised framework, consistent terminology and standard performance measures, has prepared its first GRI Report on sustainable corporate social responsibility for 2013.

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