Responsibility towards financial institutions


Since its foundation and subsequent entry into the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE), Atlantic Grupa has based its business activities on the Corporate Governance Code with which the standards of business transparency have significantly improved, in accordance with European Union directives and positive Croatian legislature. With the aforementioned Code, Atlantic Grupa has defined procedures for the actions of the Supervisory Board, Management Board, and other organs and structures in charge of decision making, and ensured the prevention of conflicts of interest, efficient internal supervision, and an efficient system of responsibility. This same Code regulates the mandatory publication of data concerning price information, all in an attempt to ensure equality in relations with stockholders and the transparency of information for current and future investors. In accordance with the consistent application of the Code’s principals, Atlantic Grupa is developing and acting in accordance with good corporate management policy, and continues to contribute to the transparency and efficiency of its business and to the quality relations with its business environment with its business strategy, policy, crucial internal acts, and business practice.

Besides the aforementioned, Atlantic Grupa is a signatory of the Code of Business Ethics, initiated by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. These guidelines establish codes of ethical conduct concerning business subjects in the scope of the Croatian economy. Such definition of ethical criteria contributes to business transparency and efficiency, along with higher quality relations of the business subjects in Croatia with its business environment. Signatories of the Guidelines oblige to act responsibly and ethically with other companies on the market, and to develop quality relations and loyal competition.

In accordance with positive legislative regulations, Atlantic Grupa made a Statement on the Application of the Corporate Governance Code in 2011, thus confirming its actions and development in accordance with good corporate management policy in all aspects of its business. The Statement is published and available to the public on the company’s official website, as well as on the website of the Zagreb Stock Exchange.


With the initial public offer of Atlantic Grupa’s shares (end of 2007) and its listing in the quotation of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, Atlantic Grupa once again confirmed its commitment to transparent business conduct and communication with all interested parties. Since Atlantic’s bonds were already listed in the Stock Exchange’s official market, which is the most demanding in regard of criteria, the quotation of shares does not represent any special additional challenge for the company in regard of standards and transparency, but certainly represents additional responsibility toward the new shareholders of Atlantic Grupa. Transparent communication with all Atlantic Grupa’s stakeholders has been practiced since the very beginning of business operations and in the last eighteen years there were constant efforts to systematically improve that process. For instance, the Atlantic Grupa’s prospectus for the initial public offer of shares has been evaluated as one of the most comprehensive and detailed prospectuses till then.


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